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Bass&Reiner (US)

Location : 1275 Minnesota Street, Suite 207 San Francisco, CA 94107, US

Website : https://www.bassandreiner.com/

Open 11am-6pm west coast time tuesdays through saturday’s

Bass & Reiner was founded in 2014 by Clea Massiani, Chris Grunder, Mariel Bayona, and Emily Reynolds as a curatorial project with the goal of introducing local artists to a broader audience and bringing artwork from elsewhere to the Bay Area, expanding beyond traditional regional boundaries. The project began as an exhibition space located in the now-displaced Studio 17 artist organization, inside the Redlick Building on 17th & Mission. In March of 2016 Bass & Reiner Gallery opened as a charter tenant in the Minnesota Street Project. It is currently run by Clea Massiani and Chris Grunder.