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Bruno Aeberli

Domaine : Fine art, sculpture

Binôme : Rhonda Holberton

Oeuvre : Piercing the Curtain

Site web :

Bruno Aeberli (born in 1989 in Morges, Switzerland) is a visual artist living and working in Lausanne. He was first trained in Photography at the Lausanne University of Arts and Design (Ecal, 2013) and then in Visual Arts at the Geneva University of Art and Design (Head, 2017).

His practice is guided by a reflection linked to popular images, their production mechanisms as well as their memorial and material traces present in Western culture. Dissipation, resurgence and fetishism are recurrent concepts in his work. In 2017, he received the “Prix Coup de coeur” of the AHEAD Foundation and benefited in 2019 of the Canton de Vaud’s artist residency in Paris (France), where he worked for 6 months on new projects. His work has been shown in various artist-run spaces in Switzerland, more recently at Standard/Deluxe (Lausanne) and Maladière Moderne (Lausanne).